Prayer = Power?

Do you ever find yourself alone with your thoughts and wonder, “What possible difference can my prayers make in my life or the lives of anyone else?”  I confess that many times I struggle to “pray continually” believing that my words escape my mind or mouth and dissipate into thin air.  James 5:13-16  has a much different perspective on prayer.

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The Fleeting Allure of a Blue Guitar

I remember walking into the music store to purchase my first acoustic guitar.  My only requirement was that it had to be blue – sky blue, if possible.  I perused the inventory briefly (because blue guitars are slim to none in most music stores) and set my sights on a shiny new (and blue) guitar.  I immediately fell in love and hurried to find an employee, who told me that I could purchase the guitar today, but the case would need to be ordered.  I agreed, made the purchase and headed for the door.  In my excitement, I swung the door open with such force that it snapped back – CRACK – banging against my brand new prize possession.  I gazed at the large crack in the newly polished top with disbelief before looking back at the employee.  “Builds character,” he said nonchalantly.

How many times a day do we find ourselves elevating things, people and even attitudes above God, the one who has created, sustains and loves us?  Continue reading →

Worship Ingredients

In cooking, the ingredients are everything.  They determine the outcome of your recipe.  You need BBQ sauce and chicken to make BBQ Chicken.  You must have yeast and flour to make French bread.

In the first chapter of Malachi, there are two missing ingredients in the worship of God by His people that cause great failure and resulted in the wrath of God being poured out on the people.  The worshippers in Malachi fail to know, feel and acknowledge the greatness and majesty of God. Continue reading →