Accepted in the Son

As we sing along to the words of Psalm 19, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer,” it is only natural to wonder: Am I acceptable in the sight of the Lord?  For those who are in Christ, the Bible’s answer is an emphatic yes!  Continue reading →

Where Are You Going?

My wife and I took a trip to New York City a few years ago and decided to take the subway to travel around the city.  Having never been there before and being unfamiliar with street names and stops, this proved to be more difficult than we had originally anticipated.  Even with a map, we were lost.  Before we knew it, we were whisked away in the complete opposite direction than we had originally intended.

I think in many ways, the Christian can easily become distracted from the straight and narrow path the Lord intends him to walk.  Continue reading →

Sin and Grace – A State of Being

I was a sneaky kid.  I had two sisters and loved to annoy, pester and aggravate for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of them.  One of my favorite “tricks” was to place an object, (article of clothing, piece of paper, sometimes food) on their heads or back and see how long it took them to discover it.  This game could literally go on for hours, the victim completely unaware and wearing the attached specimen as if it belonged.

Don’t we “wear” our sin in the same way?  I’m not only referring to the outward sins that we’re very aware of – getting angry with a child/spouse, becoming jealous over another’s house or car, selfishly demanding that our way is best.  I’m referring to the whole of our sin, a state of being and condition for which there is only one cure. We are completely and utterly helpless to remedy  it ourselves and ignorant of it’s depth.  Yet, we wear it constantly.  In Psalm 19, David refers to those sins of which we are unaware.

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